Forthcoming workshop series

In the Scottish Borders – “Gathering the Light”

As part of my Art as a Mindful Process, these 4 workshops will explore, through colour moods, the quality and movement of the light, as day passes to night and re-emerges at dawn.  

We will be using a wet-on-wet watercolour technique as a way of experiencing the changing light. 

These workshops are about slowing down, taking time, becoming aware – a kind of “listening” with the eyes.  No previous artistic experience is needed as I will guide participants, creating familiarity and confidence with the art materials and process.

Local to Hawick in the Scottish Borders? …. and interested, go to: Live Borders Creative Spaces to book a place.

Author: Studio Hundy

Learning the Art in Living - Artist and Art for Health Practitioner. Working with the creative process for health and well being: Painting / Drawing / Installations / Nature / Sound

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