Explorations: Landscape and the Soul – 2017

BORDERS III - chinese ink
Borders III – Chinese ink

A series of artworks exploring the process of transformation from outer landscape to inner essence, reflecting aspects of the soul. SEE:  Exhibition in 2017

Paper thin memories – 2019

Paper thin memories

As an Art for Health practitioner I am particularly interested in “processes” of transformation.  These are multifaceted, taking place at various levels; within the artworks as well as the artist, as the creative process unfolds.

Such transformations became an inherent part of the four pieces exhibited at our Open Studio event in 2019.

Paper thin memories arose out of tackling a mountain of “papers” after the death of my father in October 2016.   I was inspired to “create” memory fragments of the lives of both my mother (who died in 2011) and my father together.  SEE:  Open Studio 2019