Artwork Gallery IV

Work in progress – 2021

I have been working with “found” paper containing hidden or lost memories recently. Letters and cards in boxes that have not seen the light of day for many years. Initially I worked on a small 2 dimensional canvas, but soon felt the need to use other found objects, going into 3 dimensions.

I am drawn into the textural qualities and the juxtaposition that the materials convey.

Paper collage experiment phase I – Jan 2021
Paper collage experiement I (detail)
Letters and driftwook – Autumn 2021
Letter spiral – Summer 2021
Paper collage experiment phase II (Implosion) – Feb 2021
Hand-made paper – March 2021
Working wtih letters – Autumn 2021
Hand-made paper and burnt driftwood – Autumn 2021
Letter and washed up brick – Autumn 2021