Sound Calendar

A range of slow listening audio clips from nature

Most of us are constantly surrounded by “sound”. But how much do we really listen? Do we hear the texture, the details and subtleties within the sounds?

Experimenting with field recording in the last few years I have become more aware of these qualities and nuances. I am fascinated by sounds from nature and the evocative “images” that they can engendear.

Currently I am busy creating a “Sound Calendar”; a sequence of short audio files capturing the essence of each month of the year. These can be original field recordings or edited compositions in the form of short soundscapes.

So pop on your headphones and enter this magical world of “slow listening” and let the imaginary pictures flow!

  • Sounds of January

    Crunching through the snow
  • Sounds of February

    Melt water on Eden
  • Sounds of March

    Frog chorus

  • Sounds of April

    Soundscape of Spring
  • Sounds of May

    Dawn chorus
  • Sounds of June


Recordings (so far) have been made using a Zoom H5 portable field recorder with built in XY condensor stereo mic capsule.

You can also see photographs and/or artworks associated with each month in the following posts: Sounds of June; Sounds of May; Sounds of April; Sounds of March; Sounds of February and Sounds of January

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