Art as a Mindful Process

Art as a Mindful process is about enjoying being immersed in the art making process.  Slowing down, taking time, becoming aware – a kind of “listening” with the eyes.  “Breathing in” new experiences that arise as the colours mix and unfold on the paper.

It is less about “how to paint”, but rather the emphasis is on experiencing the artistic-creative process itself.

Building on this experiential practice can enable participants to go deeper, finding new inner potential.  This in turn can strengthen and support the individual in their life and sense of well-being.

No previous artistic experience is needed, as I slowly guide participants, creating familiarity and confidence with the art materials.

Themes of previous workshops have included Exploring colour, Complementary colours and Seasons in colour.    These are a few comments from participants:

“I have enjoyed these sessions very much.  The combination of head and heart which I used is health promoting and fun”

“Time seemed to become elastic – both slowing down and speeding up.  I got ‘lost’ in the process and felt stilled by it”

“Feel calm and less self-critical”

“I loved the supportive and encouraging atmosphere”

“The experience has re-awoken my sensitivity to colour in nature and a feeling of creativity”


Art for Health        Art for Health Practitioner