Art for Health

Working with the creative process for health & well-being.

As well as my own artistic practice, I work freelance as an “Art for Health Practitioner” in the Scottish Borders.

Materials of lifeThrough the process of being engaged in facilitated artistic activity the creative potential present in all of us can be released.

This creativity can give rise to new capacities, strengthening and supporting the individual in their life, health challenges and sense of well-being.

Rembrandt coloursWhat does Art-for-Health involve?

The focus is very much upon the process of making art.  Experiencing – for example –  colour, form or texture; not only within the art-making itself, but also inwardly in terms of the feeling or mood that is engendered.

No previous artistic experience is needed on the part of the client or participant, as slow steps are taken to create familiarity and confidence with the medium.  Gradually a relationship is established between the art-work, the individual and the art practitioner, allowing new insights and capacities to emerge.

Various artistic media can be used — painting,  drawing, clay modelling — each being tailored to the particular individual and accompanied by the art practitioner.

My approach to Art for Health

My approach to practice is informed out of an Anthroposophic, holistic understanding of the human being as body, soul and spirit.

I try wherever possible to make use of the inherent qualities of the media and artistic techniques in relation to the particular needs of the individual or group.  This allows each person to build their own relationship to the artwork and the creative process.

I also offer a series of guided, process inspired painting sessions for well-being for groups of up to 8 adults.   Art as a Mindful Process


Art for Health Practitioner