The Artist in Studio Hundy is Ian Wiggle

After qualifying as a Pharmacist, I discovered an interest in complementary medicine and in the mid 1980’s I started work at a natural medicines manufacturer.   For 15 years I specialised in Regulatory and Quality Assurance issues.

In 2000 I started a 5 year training in Art Therapy at Hibernia college, qualifying in 2006 as an Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts Practitioner (SEE: Art for Health).

I have a particular interest in Goethean (phenomenological) methodology (Wikipedia), which I have been using for over 25 years now, applying it to the study of medicinal plants, landscape, the therapeutic encounter and also in the context of organisations.

Having trained in both science and art, I believe the Goethean method weaves together artistic and scientific approaches, bringing a more “holistic” and creative experience into the research process.

I currently live in the Scottish Borders and work freelance as an Artist, Art for Health Practitioner and Creative Workshop facilitator.   Studio Hundy is the place where I endeavour to explore various themes in the context of my own artistic development.