The picture transport challenge

17 layers of glass on glass!

Just 3 weeks to go before setting up the exhibition in Aberdeen (Exhibition in 2017).   So today I thought it would be good to check how I am going to approach the “picture transport challenge”.   Yes, after the recent “paper roll challenge” this proved to be a lot trickier!!

I decided it would be best not to stack 17 layers of glass on glass, however well padded, but rather to see if my portfolio and picture stand from Studio Hundy would fit into the back of the car.

The measurements indicated it would be a very tight fit, but I wanted to avoid dismantling the frame and reassembling it in situ inside the car.    After various attempts, the stand decided to loosen itself and ………  hey presto ……. the solution; once it had concertinaed it fitted and could be brought back to a snug fit floor to ceiling.

Well that IS a relief!

Author: Studio Hundy

Learning the Art in Living - Artist and Art for Health Practitioner. Working with the creative process for health and well being: Painting / Drawing / Installations / Nature / Sound

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